Our MAJOR TASK in life
is to discover what is TRUE
and to LIVE in step with that truth.

Chuck Colson

The Mission of Focused Faith

Equipping Christians to Think Biblically

What does it mean for Christians that Jesus said we would be “salt” and “light” (Matthew 5:13-14)? Are there many answers to this question or is there a singular answer that we must focus our life on learning and living out?

As a ministry, our goal is to equip Christians to think and live biblically in this world. What we believe determines what we do. If you want to know why a person acts the way that they do, look at what they believe. If the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message for people to hear, then it must be proclaimed by Christians who actually understand what God has called them to be. This is our focus. This is your faith. This world and culture are our mission.

From Ryan Johnson

Think Biblically.
Love Radically.

Ideas have consequences.  The primary reason that Christianity has been a dominating world-shaping influence since Jesus walked the earth is because the truths Jesus proclaimed were revolutionary.  Yet the sad reality is that, while this culture in which we live has its ver roots in the biblical worldview, our national culture and even our church culture has become detached from Scripture.  Discipleship is one of the primary purposes of the church and God has faithfully instructed us on how it should be done, but as the fallen human heart is prone to do, we have forgotten God’s design and tried to recreate it in our own image.  Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have victims.  If you see the marriages, families, and ministries suffering the consequences of bad ideas about discipleship, let Focused Faith Ministries come alongside your church to help you see how God has called us to think biblically so that we can love radically.

Ryan Johnson

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There is not one square inch in the whole domain of human existence as to which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry out, “Mine!”

Abraham Kuyper